Khamis, 8 Oktober 2009

Alisha 09

Raya 2009 with Chaos Family

Si PE dengan action2 nya sekali. Trying to be Kassim Selamat. Ehe!

Si Arif. BSTK!

Qayyum & Huda. Dream of a child :)

Jumaat, 17 Julai 2009



Damia Adriana

Sarah Zaikha

Md. Raiyan Adam a.k.a Adam Jr.

Ahad, 1 Februari 2009

Kerugian.. Hmph!

Hye.. Hye.. Hye..
Wah.. Rindu kn buat blog eh.
Bout my topic here "Kerugian" means..
I wish I was there last night seeing what happened at gerai lama, JP.
But, it's my lost. Cana jua kn mun anak ku damam. Payah tia jua.
Eh.. Macam2 ku mendangar bah what happened.
Well.. I don't want to put any details of it here.
It's private sikit lh.
But I'm very happy that everything was solved right.
I was so worried that anything bad happened.
Habis atu selasai.. Ada tia lagi problem lain datang.
But it's not bout family matters.
It's bout my friends matters.
Ane baru nyaman banar hati ku mendangar.
To all you "guys", don't try to be so Egoistic!
I hope you know what happened to my friend last night.
Bro, I'm sorry to say this.
It's all because we all care bout you.
But you didn't listen.
Of course someone whose telling you all this time cared bout you.
She had been telling me, that she wanted you to forget all that.
It's useless man. Know you know why we hate her so much.
Ain't it enough for you? I think that revealed all the truth about her.
We're family bro. Just let her go no matter what.
See for your self. You did hurt right?
We don't blame ya. I know you're blind when it came to LOVE.
Haha.. Kidding. But maybe it's true.
It cannot be seen by us, but we can feel it's true.
Sorry bro..
I'm happy for ya if you just let her go and not let your self suffer anymore.
Hate to see you like that.
But one thing, I want you to talk with the girl that all this time trying to open your eyes.
She's so happy to hear this bro.
She was hoping that the truth can show you someday.
To tell you the truth, I was so mad when you said bout being with her.
Damn.. It hurted me like stabbing me.
Cause I brought her to you guys.
Yea.. Finally, God made you saw what we felt all this time.
But mostly important, ...
Be happy bro. Hehe.. #23 must be happy.

Rabu, 28 Januari 2009